V-Beam Perfecta Laser for Facial Blood Vessels

Many people have dilated facial blood vessels as a result of sun damage, rosacea and genetic factors. Superficial dilated blood vessels are called telangiectasias, but are more commonly referred to as broken capillaries. Their presence on the cheeks, nose and chin give a persistent red appearance and contribute to facial flushing.

This red, flushed appearance can be safely treated with the V-Beam Perfecta pulsed dye laser. Laser energy passes through the epidermis, like light through a window. The red color of the vessels absorbs the energy, effectively reducing the broken capillaries. While swelling and greater redness may occur for a few days, normally there is no risk of bruising or scarring.

Thin, red leg veins may also respond to the V-Beam Perfecta. Settings needed to reduce these vessels can result in transient bruising and rarely a temporary discoloration. Unlike sclerotherapy (injections into leg veins), the laser involves no needles or need for compression stockings.

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