Acne Scar and Fine Lines Laser Treatments

Cystic acne during adolescence and young adulthood sometimes result in acne scarring. These divots, depressions, and areas of discoloration linger long after the inflammation resolves. Prescription topical vitamin A creams, such as tretinoin, work to generate new collagen and soften wrinkles over time.

The Fraxel® Dual 1550/1927  laser is a fractional device that stimulates dermal collagen. Topical anesthetics are employed to minimize discomfort. A series of treatments reduces the size and appearance of the scars and reduces pore size. Improvement continues months after the series is completed.

For mild facial lines, we feature the Clear and Brilliant® fractional laser. With the generous application of topical anesthetics, passes are performed over the entire face. Discrete laser pulses reach the upper part of the skin’s dermis to boost healthy collagen. Very little swelling and no physical downtime are the hallmarks of this procedure. The series of treatments produce increased results over time.

The Fraxel® Dual 1550/1927  laser also works to reduce more significant wrinkles. Used in conjunction with sunscreen and forms of topical Vitamin A, the fractional technology improves dermal collagen safely over time. Unlike facial surgery, the skin is not cut, avoiding the risk of scarring from the treatment itself.

In our office, all consultations and treatments are performed by experienced dermatology providers. Their years of training and aesthetic skills combine to achieve consistent natural-appearing results.

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