Skin Cancer Checks and Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Checks

Non-melanoma skin cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are very common. Due to sun exposure, these growths typically do not have the dark and irregular appearance of melanoma. Their appearance, especially early on, can be subtle, slightly pink, shiny or rough. They also are rarely at risk for metastasis, the spreading of cancer elsewhere in the body. Though these lesions are not life threatening, if they occur on the face, they can cause functional impairment and deformity.

Our doctors are trained to identify these types of skin cancer at the earliest stages and to treat in a fashion to limit scarring. A new or changing growth, especially if it bleeds, deserves evaluation. After an initial biopsy, the doctors personally contact patients to inform them of the results and whether further treatment may be recommended.

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

Certain non-melanoma skin cancers on sensitive areas such as the face may be best treated with Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is a staged, in-office procedure that involves removing the cancer and testing the edges while the patient waits. This typically insures clearance of the tumor and helps to minimize potential scarring. Our doctors provide a thorough evaluation to determine whether the Mohs technique would be of benefit.

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