Laser Treatment for Sun Spots

Excess sun exposure or use of tanning beds at a young age can result in sun spots arising years later. Dark spots on the face, hands, and chest can be safely faded with laser treatments provided at Union Square Dermatology. An even, youthful skin tone can be achieved typically with no risk of scarring.

Because of the wavelength emitted by the C6 Medlite Neodymium Yag laser, most sun spots respond in just a few treatments. In our office, topical anesthetics can be used to minimize discomfort before treatment of facial lesions.

After the procedure, sun spots typically darken for one to two weeks and then fade. Other than avoiding the sun and tanning beds, there are typically no restrictions for activity or washing the skin. Makeup may be used immediately after a therapeutic session.

For those with darker skin tones, our office provides features the Clear + Brilliant Permea device. Using a low level fraxel technology, a series of treatments reduces facial pigmentation from sun spots and some forms of melasma. Topical anesthetics reduce discomfort. Lesions do not become darker, but rather gradually fade. Patients enjoy a “glow” and the fine exfoliation that occurs over a series of days.

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