Juvederm™ XC

For those concerned about folds around the mouth, drooping mouth angles and chin lines, Juvederm™ may be an option. Injections plump up sunken areas and smooth lines for a rejuvenated look. The active ingredient is a protein that occurs naturally in the skin so no skin test is required before treatment. Hyaluronic acid is an essential protein that provides firmness to the skin and draws water molecules to provide volume. The administered forms are fortified to insure a longstanding benefit. The enhancement can last up to one year for the initial administration and often even longer for subsequent treatments.

In our office, topical anesthetics are used to numb the skin before administration. In addition to reducing discomfort, these numbing creams also limit the potential for bruising.

Juvederm XC™ also contains lidocaine anesthetic. This safely adds to the overall tolerability of the treatment.

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